Frequently Asked Questions

The How it Works page is already explaining the process of becoming an affiliate for the Arashtad affiliate programs and this page answers some of the most common questions about the process. If you still have a question that have not found any answer to it about the process, please submit a ticket on our support platform and we will be more than happy to address that for you.

What is the commission rate for Arashtad affiliate programs?
Arashtad affiliate programs have one of the highest paying commission rates in the IT market. You can always check the commission on each Arashtad platform (market, tutorials center, press, etc.) by logging into your Arashtad account, navigating to the relevant website, locating the “Affiliate Dahsboard” sub-menu under the “ACCOUNT” menu, and checking the “Program details” on the “Dashboard” tab.
What is the best way communicate with Arashtad about the affiliate programs?
You are most welcome to send us your messages and questions via tickets at https://support.arashtad.com.
What types of payment methods are supported?
For now, we pay our partners via Paypal and cryptocurrency. But, there may be more methods available in the future. So, please stay tuned and check the resources frequently.
How much is the pending period for the withdraw process and why?
After you send the withdraw request, a pending duration between 1 hour to 9 days may be applied. The reasons behind this is checking the account eligibility, passing the refund period, and also the number of requests, received from our affiliates.
How and where to get started?
It’s as easy as creating a free universal user account at i.arashtad.com and logging into it, and applying for the program. We will review your application ASAP and after approval you can choose the program(s) to promote, grab your affiliate link from your affiliate dashboard, and start earning by sending customers. For more detailed information, please visit the How it Works Page.
How long the tracking cookie duration is?
The tracking cookie duration of your referrals is 30 days. Meaning whoever that visits the Arashtad network via your affiliate link will be considered your audience for 30 days and if they purchase any product from the relevant network, the affiliate commission of those purchases will be added to your affiliate profile.
Do you provide any asset and information for your programs?
Yes of course. For each affiliate program you will be equipped with a full package of assets, information, and tutorials. Please visit the How it Works Page for more information.
What license do you use for your products?
All of the Arashtad products and even the technologies that they are made with are open source. Please visit the licensing page for more information.
Do you usually provide video tutorials for your products too?
Providing documentation, eBooks, video tutorials, and support for our products is a policy that we always consider in order to increase the satisfaction rate and decrease the support requests that takes time from both customer and provider. We try to provide video tutorials for our products on the tutorials server and also our Youtube channel.
What type of Paypal accounts do you pay to?
No matter if your Paypal account is individual or business. As long as the account is verified and has a clean background, it’s fine to use for withdrawals.
Can I use different Paypal addresses?
On each platform of the Arashtad network and for each time that you request a withdrawal you can have different Paypal accounts. But, please make sure about the health and validity of the account that you attach to avoid delays and workload for yourself and our sales team. You can always modify the payment email from your affiliate dashboard.