How it Works

How Arashtad Affiliate Programs Work

Arashtad offers a variety of products and services that times to times, they may be included in its affiliate programs. You can always check the active affiliate programs at the home page of the current website. We provide a complete package of information and assets library for each available affiliate program and they will be accessible on the program description pages.

If you are an affiliate marketer willing to partner with Arashtad in selling its products and services, you can follow the steps below.

1. Apply for the Affiliate Program.

First of all, create a free account on Arashtad Accounts Server and log into your account and then use the Affiliate Dashboard link under the ACCOUNT menu to apply for the affiliate program. Our team will be reviewing your application and getting back to you as soon as possible.

Please make sure that you are submitting the 100% valid information while applying in order to avoid any restriction in the future collaboration.

2. Choose One or More Affiliate Program From the Available Ones.

To check all affiliate programs you can head over the home page of the current website. This website lists all of the available programs on its home page. Also, you have the option to browse the programs by category using the links at the home page. Also, at the home page, you can find the affiliate programs that we may have on 3rd party affiliate platforms if any.

3. Get Information about the program.

Every affiliate program has a dedicated page, describing the program and the details of the product/service. Also, you can access the assets and information about the program there.

4. Get the Affiliate Link.

Arashtad is a network, made of multiple websites/servers and each of them work separately in some cases. But, all of the platforms on the network are connected to a centralized affiliate system. We usually run the programs for our digital products and services on the Market server. The affiliate programs for our tutorials and courses are active on the Tutorials server. Our premium books, eBooks, and their affiliate programs will be processed on the Press server, etc. You can access the main affiliate panel on each website by logging into your Arashtad account and navigating to ACCOUNT > Affiliate Dashboard. Also, you can always access the affiliate panel from the this website if any affiliate program is available.

If you don’t see the link there, it may be because that platform is not involved with any affiliate program available on the network.

Affiliate Dashboard

5. Promote and Get Paid.

When you cause sales on Arashtad by your promotion, your commission is automatically added to your profile at the relevant website. Meaning, if you have made sales for example on our market products , your commission will appear at your profile only on that specific server, if you have promoted a course form, you need to check your affiliate dashboard on that server to see the commissions related to the sales happened on that website, and so on.

After the commission is added to your profile, you can withdraw it via your Paypal account. The minimum amount to withdraw is $100 USD and the payment process will be completed in 1-3 work days.

This is the whole process join Arashtad affiliate programs. If you have any question that has not been answered here, you can check the FAQ page of the affiliate programs. If you still can not find the answer to your question even there, feel free to submit a support ticket at our helpdesk.