Terms of Use

Success lasts long only for those who do the job correctly!

By applying to the Arashtad affiliate program you accept to promote our products and services the right way and stick to the moral values and standards that a healthy affiliate marketing campaign requires.

Please note that Arashtad may end the collaboration with the responsible partner at any time if:

  • Malicious attempts in affiliate marketing for its products and services is encountered.
  • Wrong information while applying for the affiliate program is submitted.

The Right Way

  • Promote Arashtad on social media.
  • Send affiliate link to your email lists.
  • Place your affiliate link in your newsletter.
  • Write about Arashtad products and services on your blog.
  • First, learn about the products and services that you want to promote.
  • Create educational articles and videos about Arashtad products and services.
  • Place the banners and advertisements in your website.
  • Make sure that the people who get your promotion emails have the option to unsubscribe from your list.

The Wrong Way

  • Don’t change Arashtad logo and banners.
  • Don’t use your affiliate link for your own purchases.
  • Don’t send your affiliate link in any type of spam.
  • Don’t use your affiliate link on coupon and deal websites.
  • Don’t offer unofficial discount or coupon code.
  • Don’t make empty promises on your promotion content.
  • Don’t use your affiliate link on any platform with adult or LGBTQ related content.

The content of this page may be updated.
To find out how the affiliate program works visit the How it Works page.